Noble Marc Brewington

Illustrious Potentate

HPP Anthony E. Jones

Chief Rabban

HPP Alvin Walker

Assistant Rabban

Noble Landry Alexander


Noble Jerry Key


Noble Johnnie D. HiSmith, Jr

High Priest & Prophet 

PP Louis Cortez

1st Ceremonial Master

HPP David L. Northern, Jr.


Noble Kevin Holmes

Outer Guard

PP James C. Holmes, Jr.

Advisor to the Court

Noble Jondexter Toombs

Oriental Guide 

HPP Ronald Boykins

2nd Ceremonial Master

Noble Larry G. Thompson

Captain of the Guard

HPIP Michael Dozier

Administrative Assistant to the Illustrious Potentate

HPIP Lesley “Les” Miller, Jr

Imperial Deputy of the Oasis (Tampa)